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                                                   Ode to the Coming Spring


Wet snow banks of dirty grey

Drip slowly onto busy streets

Fields once painted with winters brush

Reveal dead grass beneath


Tracks both made by man and beast

Disappear and become aloof

A slow dissolve of winters trace

Before life springs anew


Sap soon runs from maple trees

Some robins show up here

Old stonewalls hidden from sight

Now divide this changing sphere


Chickadees scratch the ground

Blue Jays screech and caw

Young grey squirrel begin their search

At the end of winters thaw


With watchful eye we patiently wait

As we feel the mercury rise

The final release of a cold death grip

As crocus greet the sunshine  


Each living thing feels refreshed

All spirits are clean and new

Sweet flowers fragrances fill the air

Springs promise once again comes true



It’s been a long winter, can’t wait for spring.


G.A. Baribeault / 1st Crown Point Group / March 5, 2015


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