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                 A Natural Way to Promote Healing and Control Pain!!

                                       Want to try the machine? 

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We only take Donations for treatments!! You set the price!  We want to help you!  Come in and try the machine today!  What have you got to Lose?



Come in and see our newest product.  It is  the Phototonic Machine! It is awesome! 

Based on RLT (red light therapy) & infrared Therapy.

The red light of the LED’s increases energy inside the cells. This causes photobiostimulation; the cells in the treated area are regenerated,  This machine works on light wavelengths and frequencies

People who have used the  Machine have had relief from:

  • Painful joints

  • Headaches

  • Stomachaches

  • Hernia

  • Back pain Bunions Keloid pain Hammer Toes

  • Floaters in eyes

  • Stiff, painful muscles

  • Numbness in feet

  • Most all have had increased energy.

This machine has the ability to stimulate the meridians/chakras thereby activating the flow of the CH’I…

The smooth flow of the CH’I could:

  • Infuse the cells with the energy on which the cells operate.

  • Enhance the flow at the molecular level.

  • Increase circulation enabling more O2 into the body; thereby allowing the  body to remove toxins more efficiently.

  • Improve sleep, relaxation, over all well being.

  • Provide the environment for. the body’s ability to heal faster from injury, infection, illness.


NASA, the Navy, some members of  the chiropractic and dental professions use red light therapy.

Contraindications are: 

EPILEPSY, PREGNANCY, CORTISONE or STEROID INJECTIONS, people taking LITHIUM. Interactions between the light and certain drugs and maladies have not been fully studied.  Under these conditions a medical  doctor  should be consulted  before treatment.


This modality has been used with very good results on horses, dogs, cats, sheep, goats. When used on animals it can produce the same results as on humans, particularly a painless healing  method and less recuperation time and scarring from wounds.

Interested?   Call for information or to schedule an appointment. 


Neither the manufacturer/owner nor operator of the  Machine,  diagnose or treat any person or make any claims that the Machine will cure any disease. or illness.

Questions or comments?  Email us at  or call 603 589 0464



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