We would like to send out a " BIG THANK YOU!" to all of our Wonderful Customers and the Great people that joined us in 2020 for our Mushroom Hunts!  Because of you, it has been a wonderful, successful year of Mushroom Hunting!  We look forward to hosting these classes in 2021!  Hope you can join us!

        THANK YOU for supporting Small Local Farms, Any way you can! We truly appreciate it!


Please Note: Due to the Coronavirus, we will be limiting this class to no more than 10.  We encourage you to call ahead to sign up as it is first come basis.  We also plan on hosting these classes outside, so please dress appropriately.  2021 Schedule   May 22,  June 26,  July 31, August  28,  

All classes are from 9:00am-approx 11:00 am 

Mushroom Hunting         $20 per person

Call 859-0464 to sign up!

Join us and the knowledgeable Jack Cormier for an educational  discussion of Wild Medicinal and Edible Mushrooms that grow all around us!.    Taste some Mushroom Tea while you learn in the classroom.  Bring your questions and curiosity!  Jack will share his knowledge of Mushrooms and guide you through books and references.  Then Jack will take you out into the woods to hunt for Mushrooms!  Please dress appropriately for weather with comfortable shoes.  Please bring a few lunch size paper bags to take home any specimens you find.  Feel free to bring a camera and notebook and pen/pencil. Also bring a water bottle,  (you may re-fill here with our delicious Well water).  This class is approximately 2 hours long. 1-hour classroom and 1  hour in the woods.!

The walking in the woods is relatively easy walking. on trails with some gradual slopes. 

Jack has been studying Mushrooms and  trees of the NH forest for many years,  He was a student of Paul Lewis for many years and walked endless hours with him learning and searching for mushrooms all over our wonderful state of NH.  Jack is a natural outdoorsman.  We look forward to having him share his knowledge here with us! 

We leave this here on this page in Loving Memory of our Dear Paul Lewis a.k.a.

                                                                                                                "The Mushroom Guy"

He touched many lives and shared his wonderful knowledge of mushrooms with everyone he met.  He taught mushroom classes here at the Moore Farm since 2015.  We grew to love Paul and miss him dearly.  



My interests and introductions to mushrooms was when I was in eighth grade. My father took me to the field where the horses were in pasture. A very grassy area and there they were. He taught me what to look for, field mushrooms. After that I always was on the lookout.


Then while out hunting in the woods I started to notice many others. I bought books and studied the many different kinds slowly. I talked with people.  I found other good edible ones. I tried to compare specimens in several books, always thinking of safety.


Later in life I developed kidney cancer which was removed and soon read up on medicinal mushrooms.Many can help with the immune system and prevent some cancer.


In 1995 we moved to Nova Scotia ,Canada and lived in the backwoods area with rivers and lakes. Here I found many mushrooms and traded and bartered. I learned to dry and put them away in jars for other seasons. I collected and made mini mounts for show or sale.


After 20 years we moved back to NH, in Alton Bay.


I then met Kim Moore and we had alot of the same interests and motives. She then asked if I would like to teach a class! This all became a reality and I have done it for a number of years. We have had a great response with great interest.


With someone helping and showing, people are anxious to learn more as most don't have the knowledge and confidence to do it alone.


We have a good time out in the woods and we all enjoy meeting people and the interactions and sharing. We learn about the fungi world and the benefits that will help in life forever.


It's all been a wonderful, fun, fulfilling experience for me. Always learning and meeting great people.


Paul H Lewis

Next Hunt:   See you in the Spring of 2021!!

The following Dates for Hunts  are subject to change and are tentative  due to weather and unforeseen circumstances at this time. All Hunts are 9:00am-11:00am & Saturdays in 2021 Cost $20pp

You can call to register and pay for any classes!