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I found the Moore Farm Herbal Apprentice Program absolutely fascinating. It was seven months of everything that I could hope for in a program designed to learn about the earths herbs. Month by month, we set out into the fields, woods and farm to learn about and dig up herbs. Each month our medicinal herbal bounty was used to teach us about our health. We learned about the digestive system, heart and circulatory system, lymphatic and respiratory system. To learn to connect theory to practice, Kim taught us a lot through many hands on learning experiences producing products from our herbs. We produced fermented foods, tinctures, blended herbal teas, infused oils, soaps, salves, aromatherapy, skin lotion, fire cider, Elderberry syrup and so much more!

Our 50 hour requirement of working in the herbal shop lent itself to continued learning of how to handle the herbs and all that is involved in running an herbal shop.

The program truly did live up to its’ promise “to open a whole new world” for me. I totally reached my goal of learning something new and had fun while doing it. I would highly recommend this program to any nature lover.

~Maggie R. Class of 2020

Herbal Apprentice


Finding your way.....


"Getting back to the Earth......To find your


If you are looking to

have fun, while you

learn all about herbs

and how to use them,

then this is the course

for you!



Join this FUN-HANDS-ON program TODAY!

2020 Student Testimonial

                         Now taking Applications for 2023!    $1,500.00 + Cost of books required
                                                                                                                 (approx $30-$100)
      Dates for 2023 are: All times are 9:00am-4:00pm   Dates: April 15 & 16, May 20 & 21, June 24 &25, July 22 &23,
                                                                                                  August 26 & 27,   Sept 23 & 24,   Sept 23, & 24, Oct 21 & 22 

     (All dates will be confirmed with the group as a whole to ensure to accommodate everyone!)
                                            Register Early!  Limited Space! Call 603-859-0464
                       Free Camping on site for  Apprentice Weekends!!  or there are Hotel accommodations
                         near by!         

            Sign up for 2023!!
Call TODAY to ensure your spot!

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All classes will be held outside under our NEW Gazebo!! Built specifically for our classes!!
We must have a minimum of 6 people to run this course!  So, bring a friend! It's always more fun with the buddy system!  

This 7-month course will cover everything herbal!! One weekend per month we will discuss various native NH plants and their medicinal uses, talk about the systems of the body, and which herbs are best for imbalances. We will also do many HANDS - ON  projects including, making lotions, facial scrubs, infused oils, extracts, syrups, and salves and balms, soap and more! You will also learn how to blend teas for pleasure or medicine and how to harvest, dry and store herbs too. Most weekends we will go out into the fields and forest to look for plants and at the end of the 7 months, you will have created your own Materia Medica.....a complete cross-referenced card catalog of plants, their actions, and uses, as well as learning the applicable state and federal regulations regarding shop operations (FDA & GMPs)  This is a beginner course that will give you a good solid foundation to go into any form of Herbalism that you may choose! We will also experience Guided Meditaions to meet your spirit guide, as well as discuss the energy of the plants and their uses! We will learn how to identify medicinal and edible plants in their natural habitat.  No prior Herb knowledge necessary! If you  have some knowledge, this course will help guide you in the right direction for you!

All class attendance and completion of Materia Medica as well as 50 additional hours in the shoppe, field and forest as well as  learning how to harvest, store and process herbs is required to receive your certificate. This is a

fun and informative program that you want to be sure to take if you want to do anything with Herbs!  If you have any questions regarding our program, please call the shoppe and ask for Kim! (603)859-0464

If you need a payment plan for this program, no problem!  We are here to help you any way we can!

If you would like to pay for your class in full, you can send a check or come right in to the shoppe!

Look at the Wild Sarsparilla we found!

""Kim has not only expanded my knowledge of plants ten-fold, but has taught me that plants and nature are not all science 

and facts.  Nature is an infinite source of wisdom and beauty.  I learned that humans have an innate intuitive sense of the 

plants, that through this class I have unlocked, whereas I would still be blind today, if it weren't for Kim and this             Life-Changing  program."  Ben B.      Class of 2017                 

"Looking for an Herbal Program, I happened upon the program offered at Moore Farm by Kim Moore.                                          

 I liked her promotion on the website. The program was a very   "hands-on" experience.  Although we had books to                  

  study, the focus was on identifying, gathering and drying herbs in the wild.   It was very satisfying to make tinctures,                    

 salves, teas, and infused oils with herbs that had real medicinal value.                                                                                             

 To see people experience healing was a privilege.    I can't say enough good about the program.   Our whole group                  

 developed a closeness from learning together and sharing        recipes and programs.                                                                

Highly recommended to anyone interested in the healing arts."  Kathie White        Class of 2017                                                             

"I am so grateful  and blessed to have been able to participate in the Apprenticeship.        I've not only learned so much from Kim, but 'I've also grown spiritually.  If you have ever    wanted to do this...I highly recommend Kim Moore ~ She is a great spirit with a humble      soul and shares her knowledge and friendship freely."   Patty Nolden   Class of 2017                            

"From smelling a perfume I got at age 5 or    6 and wanting to make rose perfume until   now. Knowing Herbs are Medicine and I      can make Medicine in Soups, Creams, Oils, Tinctures and Elixers."  Cynthia Smith   

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