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                        We Raise Grass-Fed Beef & Lamb on Our Farm



It is important to know where your food comes from!

    All of the Beef and Lamb we sell are born and raised on our farm.  We also raise Organic Fed, Pasture raised whole Chickens!

 We raise Angus and Herford beef cattle and Katahdin Sheep.   We Never use antibiotics or medications with any of our animals.  Farmer Tom believes in letting animals be as free as possible, so when you drive up, you may see a herd of sheep  in the front yard or the driveway!  All of our meats are USDA inspected.  We have Happy cows and sheep! 

We raise Katahdin Sheep named after Mt. Katahdin in Maine.

The Katahdin is a breed of domestic sheep developed in Maine, USA, mostly in the second half of the 20th century. This breed was originated by Michael Piel, who after reading an article in the February 1956 National Geographic, imported selected St. Croix sheep chosen by Dr. Richard Marshall Bond, Director of the Virgin Islands branch of the U.S.D.A., and crossed them with various other breeds, selecting lambs based on hair coat, meat-type conformation, high fertility, and flocking instinct. The average Katahdin ewe weight is 120 to 160 pounds and the ram's weight is 180 to 250. Most Katahdin ewes will have a 200% lamb crop. The Katahdin sheds its winter coat, and so does not have to be sheared. The Katahdin's hair can come in any color. When Katahdins are crossed with wool sheep, their offspring will usually have a mix of predominantly wool with some hair. Its popularity in the USA has increased in recent years due to low wool prices and high shearing costs (WikipediA)


                We grow our own Fodder for all of our animals all year round! 

What is Fodder?  It is sprouted Raw Barley Grass!  So All of our animals are fed top quality Green Grass even in the dead of winter!   Fodder is filled with good vitamins, minerals and nutrients! 

NOW Taking Orders for chickens.. 5.50 per pound Pick up date :week of 8/I7/20 avg weight 3-6 pounds.
Organic-Fed, Pasture raised, whole chickens.  Call Today. Limited supply. Deposit 20.00 per bird.
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