Moore Farm

“Getting back to the earth”.


As you turn into Moore Farm’s dirt driveway you start to notice a few things almost immediately. The weathered barn and farm house to your right, the rustic wooden sign that greets you by the road and the natural calming effect that goes along with those images. As owner Kim Moore puts it “Getting back to the earth will do that to you”.

The farm itself has been a part of Kim’s life for almost 40 years. Her parents, who have always been farmers, purchased the place back in 1975 when she was just a teenager, so farm life and the earth’s roots run deep in her family. Given that heritage it was no surprise that in 2009 she decided to make that natural way of life her passion and livelihood.

Before committing to this new journey Kim had spent two years attending college in Boston. After school she ran her own pre-school daycare for a number of years. But in the end her heart was called back to her first loves, the earth, nature and the land.

She started out down this new path as a self-taught soap maker. Once she had mastered that it was onto her herbal apprentice training. That led to the advanced classes and things blossomed from there.

Kim spent time raising cattle with her brother, working with the goats and sheep, all the while gaining an overall philosophy. Simply stated, knowing both where your food comes from and what you put into your body is very important.

“White willow”, she said “is where the original aspirin comes from”. “Scientist found a way to isolate it, extract it and turn it into a pill”. “As herbalist we use the whole plant, that way you get the full benefit that nature intended”.

It’s this mindset and approach that separates Moore Farm from the traditional pharmacy and provides a natural choice from today’s pill popping culture. The staff at Moore Farm can show you natural alternatives to combat fluctuations in blood pressure, heart palpitations, cholesterol, menopausal symptoms and insomnia.

During the cold and flu season their Elderberry syrup has doctors and nurses coming in from as far away as Boston’s Mass General. Kim confessed, “The Doctors and nurses tell me that while their colleagues are all coming down with the normal cold weather illnesses they stay fit as a fiddle and that makes me smile”.



Dr. James Whitlock of New England Neurological Associates in Salem NH has been known to share Moore Farms natural pain cream with some of his patients.  His interest in the cream started when he discovered that it relieved his own long standing elbow pain.  

Being a practical man of science and medicine, Dr Whitlock offered the cream to his family and friends first and was very pleased with the positive feedback. As his confidence grew with the natural remedy he decided to present this as an option to patients when “standard pain relief intervention” as he puts it, failed to work.

But nothing reinforces the success of this pain cream like a story directly from Dr Whitlock himself.

Quote: One of the first patients that I tried the cream on was an elderly woman with disabling, chronic and intractable knee pain due to severe degenerative joint disease.  No intervention (including injections of the knee) had given any relief.  As she was being discharged from rehab, I mentioned that I had some herbal cream that I could place on her knee in hopes of giving her some relief.  I told her that I really had no idea if it would help but I was confident that it wouldn’t give her any new problems.  

I rubbed the cream all over her knee as she was on her way out the door.  Walking down the hospital hall the following week I noticed a woman was waving me over from the physical therapy gym.  It was the lady I treated with the knee problem reporting that the cream worked great. She wanted to know where she could get more.

I think that testimony speaks for itself.

Seasonally at the farms store and herbal shop, you can find organic vegetables to go along with grass-fed Angus beef and lamb, raw milk, goat cheese, yogurt and farm fresh eggs. Couple that with their large selection of dry herbs, natural beauty products, extracts and elixirs made right on the premises, and you’ve got everything you need to start making the transition to a healthier way of life.

Feeling the need to align your spirit with the universe? Schedule a Reiki or Shamballa treatment to start, and then sit down with Kim for an intuitive reading.


If a training seminar is what you’re looking for, you can take one of Moore Farms herbal classes, food fermentation classes, as well as a host of other holistic endeavors. And special events are a regular occurrence at “The Farm” so be sure and check their on-line calendar or better yet subscribe to their monthly email newsletter.


The good news is at Moore Farm you can find everything you need in one neat package.

So if, “Getting back to the earth” is a path you’d like to explore or if you’re just tired of the cookie cutter herbal shops, then you should check out Moore Farm. It’s a short drive up Rt11 to the Alton traffic circle, take your first right onto New Durham Road and you’re almost there.

Come discover why at Moore Farm there’s nothing like a natural approach to every day of your life.


Written by: G.A. Baribeault / “1st Crown Point Writing Group”, 2014